Bipap Machine

Silver line Meditech is the brand name in Ahmedabad market for the providing the best medical equipment called Bi-Pap Machine which is also referred to as BPAP that stands for Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure, and that is even very similar in function and design to a CPAP machine that is continuous positive airway pressure. The offered medical equipment Bi-Pap Machine is a breathing apparatus that helps the people to get more air into their lungs. With the help of Bi-Pap machine, when the people wear it the air is delivered through the mask which can be set at one pressure for inhaling and another for exhaling. This equipment is utilized by the people who suffer from neuromuscular diseases.

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Bipap Machine
CPap Machine

Even this machine is utilized by the patient with congestive heart failure and lung disorders, mainly when the level of carbon dioxide above the normal level. The patient suffering from Atelectasis that means when all or parts of a lung collapses, and results in the loss of the ability of air sacs at the extreme reaches of the lungs to expand. This machine can be covered under medical insurance and even it possible to purchase your own machine for the further treatment to be taken from home. If it is not possible to buy, the patient have the option to get the machine at rent from a respiratory care company through a agreement with which the person will end up owning the machine.

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Features of Bi-Pap Machine :

  • Provides easy breathing solutions
  • Non-invasive Ventilation
  • 2.4 inches Colour LCD display
  • Real Time Pressure and Flow Wave display
  • High Competence Humidification
  • Higher motor performance
  • Quieter therapy output
  • Remote data repossess
  • With Humidifier
  • Provided with Humidifier along with machine which moisturizes the air that gives patient comfort during the whole night

Technical Specification of Bi-Pap Machine :

Details Technical Features
Mode CPAP, Auto, S, T, S/T
Pressure 4~20 cm H20
LCD Screen 2.4 inches
Weight 2.5 Kg with Humidifier
Dimensions [L x W x H]    290x196x134 mm with Humidifier
Oximeter Optional
Data Storage SD Card (8GB)
Reslex Off / 1 / 2 / 3
Ramp P 4 cm H20
Max Ramp 0 ~ 60 mins
Ramp Time O ~ Max Ramp
Humidity Level Off/1 ~ 5
Ti Min 0.1s ~ Ti Max
Ti Max 0.3s ~ 3.0s

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