Airbed for Bedsores

With the vast experience, we are engaged in offering Airbed for bedsores in the industry. We have designed the airbed for bedsores and anti decubitis air mattresses especially for the use at home, nursing homes and hospitals across India. Our supplied bedsores are light in weight anti decubitis mattresses and pump systems in India, which has the features like noiseless operation and portability. Our offered airbed for bedsores are utilized for the patient who are lying on the bed for a huge period of time, that may be the patient is hospitalized, ill or disabled to walk.

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The reasons behind the bedsores are having continuous pressure, which is applied as per particular body parts along with other factors such as humidity. Air beds come outfitted with chambers that are inflatable and in addition movable. The air beds can be tweaked to your prerequisites for comfort. They change in accordance with the shapes of your body giving each part firm help. The general immovability of the bed can be balanced by controlling the gaseous tension. This is extremely helpful in light of the fact that your prerequisites may change contingent upon the sort of exercises you were occupied with amid the day. The bed likewise gives agreeable help to harmed parts. The pneumatic bed takes out the awkward weight point torments that create while considering conventional sleeping on traditional mattress beds.

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Features of Airbed for Bedsores :

  • Keep the electric pump of air mattress on for 23 hours and keep it off for 1 hour
  • Do not use the air mattress near open flame or very near to a heater
  • Do not smoke near the air mattress
  • Keep sharp objects away from the air mattress
  • Do not stand on the air mattress. Maximum weight bearing capacity is 100 kgs therefore the attendants should not sit on the air mattress as this will cause the mattress to leak
  • Keep the pump of the air mattress away from water/damp surfaces. Clean the mattress with mild detergent if required

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